There are several options when it comes to the best method to use for saving space in the corner cabinets. Today we will talk about the four most popular solutions. The Lazy Susan (kidney-shaped drawers), Lemans (blind corner drawers), Butterfly Corner Drawers, and the Magic Corner.

How do they compare? Which is the best and most practical for everyday use? And which one saves the most amount of space? Today we will explore the difference between these 4 space saving options for corner kitchen cabinets.

Lazy Susan Drawers

Lazy Susan Drawers are an excellent and inexpensive way of improving the functionality of the corner cabinets. They can be a great way to store all kinds of kitchen items such as pots 🍲, pans 🍳, or snacks 🍟. Simply by spinning the circle around it reveals the items hidden behind. This type of cabinet design is a great solution to solving the wasted space of the corners in your kitchen or bath. At SVEA, we provide you with the most practical and modern solutions to make your vision of your dream kitchen a reality. Lazy Susan kitchen drawers can be installed in many different areas including pantries, lower or upper cabinets. They make use of most of the wasted space in the square corner.

The reason why these are so popular is because they make space not currently used much more available and easier to access. These Corner Cabinet Drawers are also used in combination with other organizing technologies such as Lemans etc. It provides better access for the corner that is not easily reached. When you place the Lazy Susan into the corner, it will spin to show back of cabinet, thus giving you access to storage space without having to reach deep inside.

The Lazy Susan remains popular as ever today, despite it being an eighteenth century invention, for homeowners looking to maximize their kitchen space. As you can see, it is a fabulous way to utilize an angle, and anything you are storing becomes incredibly accessible. This is ideal for anyone who has space for essentials in the kitchen, and needs somewhere to store things.

Not all storage requirements work the best with Lazy Susans, so depending on what you want to keep in the corner cabinets or how to use them, our kitchen experts can help you to come up with the best solution according to your custom kitchen requirements.

Butterfly Corner Drawers

The Butterfly Corner Drawers is a modern alternative to the Lazy Susan and other options. it is a unique way of using the corner space to store kitchen items. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, designing the corner cabinet area can be a challenge.

Many corner cabinets are equipped with empty space or too much extra space. Depending on the size of the items you may wish to store in your corners or how often you are planning to use them the Butterfly Corner Drawers may be you best option.

It is a great modification used for improving the storage capacity of your corner kitchen cabinets. It can allow for easy access to items that are either inaccessible or at the back of the kitchens corner cabinets.

You can use a Butterfly Drawer for saving on counter space while not losing access to utensils or other items. They are useful to maximize that corner space where the two cabinets meet. There are many options on how your storage could look inside of your corner cabinets, regardless of the layout of the kitchen.

Butterfly Corner Drawers can also be modified to include a garbage or recycling center, and is a fun little accessory to have in your corner cabinets so you can show off to your friends and guests 😀. You can use it to act like a storage area for your recyclables like cans, bottles, paper, or kitchen items such as spoons 🥄, forks 🍴, knives 🔪 etc 🍽.

Lemans Drawers

Lemans Drawers offer a space saving corner drawer system which features a sturdy metal drawer, available in stainless steel or any color of your choice, that matches or compliments surrounding cabinets.

These sturdy trays are shaped uniquely so they can be swung out of a corner cabinet with ease and fluidity, into clear view. The geometry of its tray is reminiscent of the number 8, and it may also provide as much as 75% more storage space compared with cabinets that have drawers that retract in dead corners.

Two big storage areas are kitchen islands, which include more cabinets and pull-out drawers, and the pantry, which could be either a closet, stand-alone, walk-in, or somewhere in between.

The Lemans Shelves easily pull up, giving you complete access to an entire shelf at a time, allowing you to store more stuff without having a cabinet in the corner. These blind corner cabinet openings may have two or more drawers, they open to around 160 degrees giving you plenty of accessibility.

LED Lighting Strips 💡 can also be installed to all of the kitchen options including the inside the corner cabinets, so when the doors trigger switches on, the door will open, the inside lights up, and we can see almost everything on both shelves before pulling them out.

These are some of the features and more provided by our custom kitchen installers. Lemans have usually come with two adjustable full swinging shelves, which bring all the storage inside a corner cabinet outside to the room for easy access. They are a great addition to any kitchen with a corner cabinet.

Magic Corner Drawers

When you open the corner cabinet with a Magic Corner installed, all the contents within the cabinet are visible within seconds. Unlike other push-out cabinet organizers, SVEA Kitchen Magic Corner units attach to the door of the cabinet itself, the contents of your cabinets are pulled right out as the door opens and the second half of the inside drawer reveals itself. This way the area inside of the cabinet uses practically the entire space saving the most amount of room compared to all the previous options.

Magic Corner Drawers have become a very popular addition to any tight space kitchen for condos and small apartment places. They are a convenient way of getting kitchen utensils, pots or any accessories from deep inside a corner. This leaves you with much more room to store all of your most used stuff in the easier to reach areas including the top pull out drawers, or pantries.

At SVEA, we know that each solution to a kitchen problem is unique and requires a walk through of all the different methods and options available to get the perfect additions installed for the kitchen of your dreams. We help you achieve the best quality kitchen with not only corners but all other smart and modern technologies at an affordable price. Contact our kitchen specialists for a demonstration to make the best use of your kitchen space.