The key to a good kitchen renovation process is the ability to prioritize. At SVEA Kitchens, renovation is a matter of doing a complete overhaul on your existing kitchen, to give you in its place, a kitchen that you will forever be proud of. When you do choose to go in for a complete kitchen renovation, we will be at hand to not only install the kitchen of your dreams, but to also help you make the right choices in a planned and proper manner with all the priorities in the right places. This is how we figure it out: – Cleanliness: we ensure that there is always room for cleanliness and cleanliness alone in all the activities that you undertake in this space. Starting from the termite and infestation protection that we offer, to the unnecessary crevices and corners that we do away with, we try and ensure that with our designs, you get to avoid creating scope for dust, grime and germs to settle. – Layout: this one is of primary importance to the kitchen renovation process. The fact that you are looking at an upheaval signifies that you are not happy with how your existing kitchen is functioning. We try and understand what hampers your movements and we move things around to ensure steady and easy flow of traffic in and around your island and stove. – Cabinets: the heights, the widths, the layout, the placements, the accessories; we help you decide on all these factors for your drawers and cabinets with a look into how a perfect day for you would progress in your kitchen. We look at how you would like to organize things and how you cook. We look at what all you do in the kitchen and what are your absolute deal breakers as far as time consumption and resource consumption go. – Material and Colour Palette: With a consideration of your family members, and their demographics, we go ahead and suggest material that is easy to clean and maintain given your present state of affairs. Also, we accordingly suggest a colour palette. Darker yet brighter hues for a home filled with kids and pets, while lighter and more subtle ones of the couple looking at retirement and a life filled with idling trips and entertaining friends.