Colours are an important part of any space we occupy. Although we may not realize it, the colours we are surrounded by affect us subconsciously in many different ways from the way we feel, to the way we may act. They also set the general atmosphere of an area, whether we are outside or in our homes.

In a kitchen, choosing the right colours is especially important considering we generally spend a lot of time in the kitchen and nearby dining room. Colours can actually have an effect on our appetite, and on our general attitude toward interacting with others. Kitchen colours should reflect a cozy, warm environment to encourage the feeling of being at home, and a feeling of comfort during gatherings.

Over the next few days, I will be discussing different colours and their effects, mainly in the kitchen, and whether they would be a good choice or not. Of course, there is no reason to get discouraged as every colour can usually work its way in somewhere! Some colours that may not be the best for a whole kitchen, can actually have a positive effect when used as an accent.