Trying to decide on a kitchen design can be a drawn-out process, but it doesn’t have to; it can be fun, exciting, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once it’s all done.Figuring out the new design of your fabulous kitchen requires you to ask yourself a few key questions, and to consider the advantages of a European kitchen.

What do you like and dislike about your current kitchen?

It’s not always imperative to start from scratch. If there are elements of your kitchen that you quite enjoy, keep it! A good design for your home has YOU in mind.

Do you plan to start a family or have more children? Will your kitchen need to expand in the future?

Planning ahead isn’t always thought of, but if you’re deciding to have a growing family, you can save a lot of headache now.

Do you want seating, an Island, a peninsula, or an area for tables and chairs?

Knowing how your family arrangements are in the kitchen while you’re in the brainstorming stage is very important. You want every single person in your family be able to enjoy their time in the kitchen.

How much storage space do you and your family need?

At SVEA Kitchens we know that storage is important, which is why we have thousands of methods to store items you don’t want to be seen, or even to store items you want everyone to see! We have it all, you just need to know how much of this useful space you need!

Does your kitchen accommodate more than one cook?

A great kitchen works with your busy life. Your family members shouldn’t be stepping on each other when preparing wonderful delicious food in your own home. Knowing that multiple people use the kitchen at your home will allow you to choose a design that’s best for everyone.       

Do you have any physical limitation that might affect the placement of elements of the kitchen?                             

Whether you’re vertically-challenged, or have shoulder issues, SVEA Kitchens has a solution for you. We have descending shelves that will reduce the need to reach items on your tippy toes.

Whatever your needs are, SVEA Kitchens has the solution. Please take a look at our website for more information and ideas on how you can make your kitchen the most convenient room in your home. Custom sleek, modern, and classic European kitchens – a great way to complement the rest of your home and family life.