Although red may seem too bold or powerful for a kitchen, it’s actually a great colour for this space. Red is known to increase appetite. As part of an experiment known as the cocktail party study, a group of designers and scientists developed a series of rooms, each with a prevailing colour. In the red room, they reported feeling hungrier and thirstier than participants in other rooms. Considering the kitchen and surrounding area is all related to food, red may be the perfect colour choice for revving up appetites prior to mealtime.

In the same study, participants in the red room reported that they felt quite sociable. Although red was not deemed the most sociable colour in said experiment, it was one of the top few. Since red is also known to raise excitement, draw people together and stimulate conversation, it would be a good choice for the kitchen area. Red stimulates one’s energy and promotes liveliness which is exactly what you need when spending time with friends and family over dinner or even making a quick decision over which menu dish excites and sparks your appetite.

However, appetite and energy levels are not the only aspects to consider when choosing a colour for your kitchen. It’s also important to make sure you feel comfortable and at home. For some people, red may be a bit “too much”, or too bold and bright for their tastes and preferences. A great way to avoid being overwhelmed, is to use red as an accent, rather than as a main colour. That could mean using it for your cabinets, for your appliances and furniture, as the backsplash or even as the colour of one wall in your kitchen. The possibilities are endless. Mixing red in with neutrals such as white or grey is also a great option. For those of you who want to go all the way and have a bright, bold kitchen, it’s best to go with lighter hues of red opposed to darker ones which can dampen the atmosphere and feel too dark and cold for a kitchen.