The main functional areas of entire kitchens are the countertops. The countertops in Toronto have an interesting partner in the form of SVEA Kitchens. We understand countertops are a matter of comfort and convenience within the kitchen.

That is why, our kitchen designers do not merely and blindly stick to the standard lengths, heights and widths. We work as per your height, your comfort, the traffic areas around the kitchen and the placement of countertops accordingly. Our countertops come in a variety of finishes and colors. They can be customized for a specific look and specific dimensions for various parts of your kitchen.

Along with the countertops, the cabinets also make a statement within a kitchen. The slabs may be shiny and absolutely well kept; but the eye first wanders towards the cabinets and then the countertops. With our custom cabinets, you can match your countertops and even create a contrast statement that will sit well on the overall personality of your kitchen.

Our custom cabinets can be fitted with custom features in terms of shelves, lighting, opening and shutting mechanism, and more. These cabinet doors can also be adorned in a contrast shade to keep the décor interest going as far as your countertops go, or they can be done up with a complementary print or texture.

For example, if you are one for classy statements, then black granite countertops will go well with light hued wooden and glass cabinet doors. And if you like to walk on the flamboyant side, then you can go for a black and white graphic print on the cabinet doors to match those shiny chocolate countertops. Also, for white countertops, you can combine grey, yellow and red cabinets, if you really want to make a traffic stopping and cheery statement in your kitchen!

Whatever be your preference or vision for your kitchen, we have able and expert kitchen designers on hand who will execute your chose theme or scheme of things so that you have a kitchen that you will truly be proud of! And that sentiment alone is enough to buoy creativity and efficiency in the kitchen. Call or visit us to find out more.