There is no place better than home and the most important part of your home is the kitchen, I think all women would agree with that. This is the place where food is served, guests are entertained and work is done. Therefore a kitchen indeed forms an integral part of our day-to-day life. Most people dream to have a beautiful kitchen decked with all finesse. A picturesque kitchen is no more reserved to the pages of a magazine; you can also have your dream kitchen. It will not just compliment your taste but will also be within your budget. You just need to consider a few things and the dream kitchen will be yours.

The first essential part is planning the cabinet work. It constitutes the most expensive part of your kitchen. Once you are done with the cabinetry, it will be easier to proceed with the other stages of designing your kitchen. As you are designing the cabinet works, first you need to select the kind of wood you are going to use. There are various choices at your disposal, such as, Cherry, Maple, Knotty Alder, Hickory, Birch, Oak and many more. Among these, cherry is the most expensive option and Oak being the most economical one. It is better to pick the wood which will be the most durable as you will want your design and style to last long. If you choose a low quality wood then you might have to redo your kitchen sooner than expected.
The next important thing in the kitchen is the counter top. You will need to consider various design elements, such as, the shape, size, colour and edges. The counter top plays an integral role in a well-designed kitchen. The counter top should complement the cabinet style and colour; they both must bring out the beauty in one another. There are umpteen options of counter tops to select from and it ranges from Granites to Laminates.
The last area includes choosing the appliances and gadgets for your kitchen. If you don’t have a suitable set of appliances and gadgets placed in the right positions then your kitchen will lack the true sense of balance and harmony. The selection process should be based on the overall functionality of the kitchen. The appliances should be easily accessible with a decent amount of space surrounding them. Once you have made the selection, your kitchen design will be a delight and your guests will rave about it in every gathering.

There is also another easy way to design a dream kitchen. You can contact a design expert at SVEA Kitchens, come visit our showroom and browse through our various design options. Our design experts will bring a more clear vision to your dream kitchen while allowing you to explore possibilities you may have not considered. We have designed and built over 5000 kitchens in homes across the Greater Toronto Area and we will be more than happy to design a custom kitchen for you. We have a variety of styles to suit your sweet home. All kitchens designed by us are made with top quality products and advanced technologies. Call us today at 416-825-9848 and request a free quote.