At present, the kitchen designs are normally based on the principle of one-dimensional geometric figures. They can be squares, rectangles, triangles or just any shape. At the vertices of the figure used to design the kitchen, always stands a refrigerator or a cupboard or any of the gadgets required in the kitchen. This is the basic principle guiding designs of all forms and styles. Here are few conventional kitchen design trends for your reference while planning a kitchen for your home.

The L-shaped Design

This is the plan that best suits the old houses. This is a good plan to combine the dining room and the kitchen. One disadvantage to be faced while working in this type of kitchen is that the individual might be walking a few extra steps in order to reach the gadgets kept at the two corners.

The Double L Design

This is the plan that combines the two “L”s. This is a better option than a single “L” layout. The work space within the kitchen gets extended when the two ‘L’ shaped layouts are located parallel to one another. One advantage of this type of layout is that more than one cooking range, refrigerator, sink or any other gadgets can be placed easily in this type of kitchen. In most cases one platform is bigger and the other one is smaller. The smaller ‘L’ shaped platform act as a divider between the dining room and the kitchen. It can even be utilized as a table top for having meals.

One Wall Design

This is one of the basic kitchen designs comprising a straight platform with all the bigger gadgets placed in a straight line. This design is really common and is economical. If you want to combine the living or the dining room with the kitchen, then the one walled design will be a useful choice. This design plan serves as the basic to most of the advanced kitchen design plans.

Corridor Plan

This is a plan derived from the one walled design. If the kitchen stands by the corridor or has two doors then this is the best plan to be implemented. This type of kitchens generally has two platforms standing parallel to one another. If your kitchen is smaller in size then choosing the corridor plan will be a convenient option.

Therefore, if you have a plan to remodel your kitchen then first find the appropriate design that perfectly suits the size and dimension of your kitchen space. Try to visualize the kitchen in its completed form and henceforth proceed with the necessary planning to make it a reality.

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