Large kitchen cabinets and partially integrated kitchens are becoming increasingly popular due to their functionality, storage capabilities and appealing, clean looks. Instead of having many distracting elements in your kitchen, it is possible to achieve a harmonious environment by integrating a few shelves, cupboards or even appliances into a single cabinet, or a series of large cabinets. Furthermore, a large kitchen cabinet can contain smaller elements inside it for even better organization!

Larger kitchen cabinets are an excellent design tool that makes your kitchen blend with the rest of the living space more seamlessly. Some homeowners prefer to save money on stainless steel appliances and hide less sophisticated ones under the same line of sleek cabinetry.

Large kitchen cabinets from SVEA Kitchens are highly customizable and contain many different drawers (including pull-out drawers) to serve diverse functions. Folding/sliding doors consist of several units of doors that can be opened independently from each other. In addition, all of these folding doors can slide in unison from one end of the cabinet to the other.

Larger kitchen cabinets can include multi-level sectionals inside each drawer to maximize the amount of space in your kitchen. The unique features of SVEA Kitchens will allow you to create specific sections within your kitchen to customize for your optimized kitchen experience. You can add as many levels of sections inside any drawer as you wish to use up as much space therein as possible.