Have you ever struggled with accessing a storage space in your kitchen cabinets? In addition to a great-looking kitchen, do you want to increase its functionality and take full advantage of every inch of your space?

Accessible and functional kitchen cabinets play a big role in optimizing your space and storage and giving you access to that storage without compromising your safety and time. With these conveniences, you don’t have to be tall or use a stool to reach to the top shelves and you don’t need to spend extra time searching for the right items in hard-to-reach corners of your kitchen cabinets.

SVEA Kitchens offers the most advanced, smart, and intuitive space-saving solutions to increase the comfort and accessibility in the kitchen. These features are on top of a visually pleasing, modern kitchen design.

Pull-Down Shelves

With pull-down shelves, you can pull down, lower and raise a shelf placing it at a level you are most comfortable with. This unique feature becomes very useful in kitchens with high ceilings, allowing you to make the most of your shelf space. For those who are not tall, this solution replaces the need for maneuvering around one’s own kitchen and compromising your safety and time. Furthermore, if mobility is an issue for anyone in the household, such technology easily removes barriers to kitchen access.

Angled Pull-Out Shelves

Reaching for items at the very back of a cabinet or corners often requires taking out certain items from the front first and reorganizing the cabinet. With custom-made, angled pull-out shelves offered at SVEA Kitchens, you can easily pull out shelves, retrieve the items you need, and place the shelves back safely.

Rotating Pull-Out Drawers

Our pull-out drawers are made to rotate to simplify access to items you need and give you more room to maneuver around the kitchen while preparing a meal. It is also great for kitchens with significant space limitations and can be customized to suit your specific kitchen needs.

Pull-out Sink Cupboard

Our efficient kitchen design lets you choose a sink that best suits your needs. SVEA Kitchens’ pull-out sink cupboards allow you to customize the space underneath your sink, and you can add:

Units for your garbage, compost and recyclables; and,

Wire slide-out baskets for cleaning supplies and bags.

With an intelligent kitchen design consisting of several levels of storage offered at SVEA, you won’t have to reorganize. SVEA Kitchens combines convenience with timeless design. We will help you create a contemporary kitchen that will not only please the eye and complement the style of your home, but will maximize the functionality and accessibility of your space.