Small kitchens are a reality in many homes located in urban areas, and it certainly is an art to make them work while maintaining elegance and style. Simplicity, functionality, and efficiency are the key to comfort in a small cooking space. Here are some tips for achieving more with less.

Minimalist Kitchen

Traditional kitchens usually have heavy-handed, clunky, and expansive design and are not suitable for a small layout. In contrast, modern kitchens, such as the SVEA brand, focus on efficient kitchen designs and have consistently clean, straight lines that create a roomier feel. From a design perspective, minimalist kitchens must be modern to create appeal for your home.

Space-saving Solutions

Storage really matters in a small space, and modern features help to keep your kitchen organized. Functional kitchen cabinets play a big role in optimizing your small space. SVEA Kitchens offers the most advanced, smart, and intuitive space-saving solutions to increase the comfort and accessibility in the kitchen. These features are on top of a visually pleasing, modern kitchen design.

Lighting and Color

To create the appearance of a bigger space in your kitchen, it is important to choose the right combination of neutral and bright colors. Furthermore, the more lighting you can use in a small kitchen, the breathier it will feel. You can create an illusion of space with under cabinet lighting, too.

Mirrored Backsplash

A mirrored backsplash can go a long way in a small kitchen. Mirror expands closed spaces, reflects both light and color, and is easy to clean.

Glass Cabinets and Open Shelves

Replacing some solid cabinet doors with glass ones will allow the eye to travel through to the back, which helps the kitchen seem more expansive. Installing a few open shelves in a small kitchen can also create more space to breathe in the kitchen. It is not surprising that the Forbes magazine has called glass cabinets and open shelving a “big 2014 kitchen trend”!

While small kitchens may appear to be a design challenge, these tips can help you create a functional, stunning and efficient kitchen. SVEA Kitchens is here to help you, too!