The kitchen island in your kitchen in Toronto or any other kitchen anywhere in the world is the hearth and the entire home. The kitchen island is where we gather and ensure that we get our dose of nutrition.

The kitchen island is an important area of any kitchen. This is because it is usually the culminating point for all the activities that take place in the kitchen. Starting from preparing for a meal by lovingly choosing a recipe, choosing and washing the best of vegetables and putting together the ingredients; as well as the actual cooking, chopping, stirring, and the plating or serving activities: the kitchen island is the best place to envision, assimilate and carry out these very activities and much more.

When we say that the kitchen island is the heart of the kitchen, we speak in terms of the family rather than the person who is cooking or carrying out all he duties within the kitchen. The family gathers around the kitchen island at the start and the close of the day. To begin with, the breakfast time is often the busiest when everyone gathers and there is a mad rush finding the right cereal box of cooling the boiled eggs for a hurried breakfast.

After this, it is after lunch when kids are back from school and then when people come back from office that the next round starts at this very kitchen island. Suddenly it is transformed from the breakfast deck to a station where homework happens and people begin to unwind. The preparation for dinner also usually starts around later in the evening after kids are back from the park or a game of football.

While dinner is being prepped and cooked, it is now time to look back and reflect on the day, share stories and laughs; and also indulge in a snack or a glass of wine. It is at the kitchen island that dinner is served, phones are charged for the next day and finally, the day draws to a close.

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